Worship at the three parish churches

St Anne's:

Three Sundays every month at 9.30am. Rotating Benefice service once a month. See Parish Calendar for details

St Anne's in black and white

This is contemporary worship in modern language with a sermon, hymns and songs, old and new. It is usually a Communion service and finishes around 10.30am.

You won't be given a pile of books to flick through - we produce a service paper with all the words you'll need, on one folded A4 sheet of paper.

At the end of the first hymn, children are invited to go to their own activities but they don't have to - and parents can go with them if they wish. There are toddler toys at the back of church, where parents can keep an eye on them - and there's usually a steady traffic back and forth!
It's a very relaxed atmosphere and there is a nice spread of ages among the congregation - from newborn to nonagenarian.

Everybody comes together at the Peace for the remainder of the service. Parents are free to share their bread with their children if they so wish, and then from the age of 7 or 8, children are invited to become full communicants in their own right after some preparation sessions.

After the service many people stay for a cup of tea or coffee and chat while others go straight home. There is no pressure to stay!

During Festivals there are always additional services and activities - from the Dawn Eucharist on Easter Day to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and plenty of other things in between. Keep a look out on this website or in the Bridge magazine or in Network (our notice sheet) for details.

Every Wednesday at 10.15am.

1st in month : Holy Communion.
Others : Morning Prayer.

St Leonard's:

Three Sundays worship at 11.15 am. Rotating Benefice service once a month. See Parish Calendar for details

St Leonard's in black and white
  • First Sunday each month - service of Holy Communion.
  • On the other Sundays: Matins - a service from the Book of Common Prayer.

St Andrew's:

Sunday worship is held at 11.15 am once a month. See Parish Calendar for details.

St Andrew's in black and white