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St Anne's Frequently asked questions

Will I be embarrased?

No, you will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Will there be a collection?

No, but there is a collection plate at the back of the church - where you enter the building. Please put any contribution in the plate before the service - it will be there at the end of the service too in case you forget. If you are a visitor, then you are our guest and there is no need to give anything. If you wish to make your home with us, then we ask you to think and pray carefully about giving, in order to support the life of the church. We encourage regulars to join our planned giving programme.

How will I follow the service?
Collect a service sheet on entering (someone will be handing them out). The service sheet has all the information for the service including hymns, songs, prayers etc.

How is communion taken?

A church warden will invite each row to go up for communion. If you don't wish to receive communion, then you are welcome to come and receive a prayer of blessing (take you service sheet with you - so we know you want a blessing). Communion is received standing in a semi-circle, facing the altar table. We can bring communion to you, where you are sitting, if you cannot walk easily.

Will I have to do anything?

Once again no. You can just come and enjoy the worship and listen.

What should I wear?

We do not have a dress code. Wear what you feel comfortable with.

Will I be welcome?

Most definitely. One of our core values is that we are a welcoming church. We want visitors to feel at home but without any pressure.