MUD Group

MUD is a lighthearted walking group, allowing Men Under Duress to counter the stresses of modern life by walking and talking together once in a while. Walks take place on Saturdays every 4-6 weeks throughout the year, in one of the many fine walking areas within two hours drive of Bewdley. Typical walks are between seven and twelve miles, are moderately energetic, over forest, field and hill, and allow friendly conversation en route between some five to twelve walkers. We take our own picnic lunch and apart from a contribution of £3.00 towards petrol there is no cost.

We have a core of regular walkers from St.Anne's church, but often friends and others interested join in and all are welcome. Occasionally, in the interests of domestic bliss and equal opportunity, we invite the ladies, but not so often as to risk being out-walked and out-talked.

If you would like to know more, please send an e-mail to Tony Redstall

Notes from : MUD Group EGM October 2009
Notes from : MUD Group AGM September 2010
Notes from : MUD Group AGM September 2011
Notes from : MUD Group AGM September 2012
Notes from : MUD Group AGM September 2013

Suggested programme for 2013/2014

Date Organiser Where
5/10/13 Tony Redstall Warm-up walk - Enville
2/11/13 Martin Flegg Colwall
30/11/13 Rob Smith Mystery walk
1/01/14 Rob Limbrick New Year's Day walk
1/02/14 Jim Hall TBA
1/03/14 Dave Ellis TBA
5/04/14 John Butler Winchcombe
3/05/14 Rob Limbrick Y Gribin
31/05/14 Brian Smith Hay Bluff Family walk
5/06/14 Mark Moreton Morville

Please note that this is a provisional list. A big thank you to all who volunteered to lead walks.