Parish Eco-Congregation

The earth is the LORD's

    "The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it,
    the world, and all who live in it" (Psalm 24)

Eco-Congregation aims to encourage churches to consider environmental issues within a Christian context and enable local churches to make positive contributions in their life and mission. Their award will affirm good practice in environmental stewardship and help us give witness to the importance of caring for God's creation.

We do not believe that issues like global warming, peak oil, famine, poverty, unfairness, and so on are there for "them" to solve. All of us must play our part.

With much to celebrate already, like our commitment to Fairtrade, we have committed as a parish to become a true Eco-congregation. Yes we aim to gain the award but, more importantly, we shall examine and addres what more we could be doing in so many areas.

The three modules that our PCC identified for initial attention were:

Our church land

Church Land
"Planting and Conserving Eden": Practical ideas and advice
to care for Church grounds and land

Our church buildings

Church Buildings
"Greening the cornerstone": Guidelines on caring for Church premises

Our lifestyles

Personal Lifestyles
"Green choices": Information and suggestions to green personal lifestyles)

The modules above refer to the resources available from Eco-congregation.
         To learn more please click on the pictures above or visit their website:-

Eco-Congregation website

Through this section of our parish website we aim to keep you updated on our progress and to highlight ideas and resources that will help us towards our goal.

After Oil

After Oil
What are we going to do when the oil runs out?

Eco links

Eco links
List of Eco website links

Transition town

Transition Town
Bewdley - Transition Town