Dowles Churchyard

Dowles Churchyard

Dowles churchyard is located at map ref :- SO 780762.

By road :-

Take the B4194 from Bewdley travelling North towards Buttonoak. After the end of the 30mph limit, take next right (which is a rough track). It is not signposted and is very easy to miss!
At the end of the track there is room to turn & park a few cars. The churchyard is on the right in the trees.

Dowles Churchyard - track from B4194 Dowles Churchyard - end of track

By foot :-

Two options from Bewdley :
Option 1 use the By road but on foot, there is a pavement on the right of B4194 all the way to the track.

Option 2 walk along the Severn river from Dog Lane carpark. Follow the footpath until you see the remains of the old railway bridge across the severn. Then go over the Style (i.e. turn left away from the river) towards a large clump of trees. Through a wooden kissing gate and into the churchyard.