Reviewing the Day

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This way of praying/reflecting suits the end of the day
but can be done at any time...

Give yourself at least 10 mins

Relax - take time to notice your breathing

Look back at the day and ask yourself
- For what moment am I most grateful ?
- When did I give and receive love?
- When did I feel most alive?

Take time to remember and enjoy the moment again
"Sin is forgetfulness of God's goodness"
- So it's important to remember!

Then ask... for what moment am I least grateful?
When was I unable to give or receive love?
When did I feel least alive?

Sometimes the discomfort we feel is because God's love & mercy
are being frustrated in our own lives and the lives of others.
We are sharing in the pain and discomfort of God

Sometimes the discomfort we feel is because we are frustrating God's
love and mercy - maybe we've wanted the world to revolve around us?
Sometimes God is beckoning us to come back home.
to return, be forgiven and renewed....

Finally - just be quiet - and rest.

God has come to you during this day & will be waiting for you in the next -
ask that you will be ready to recognize and welcome him.